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Alcohol effects

Most people with alcohol problems come to see me because of the destructive effects it is having on their personal relationships - usually with the important 'other' in their lives. Either their long-term suffering partner has delivered a final ultimatum or they are anxious about the effects it is having on a new relationship which they really want to work. Secondly it may be the detrimental effects it is having in the workplace and they dread being 'found out' and lose their job.  Usually way down the list is any concern about their personal health and longevity despite all the information available about that.

Client feedback:

I had been an alcoholic for years since I started drinking at age 14 and now at the age of 38 my life was not worth living any more. I had lost relationships ruined by my drinking and jobs as well and I was destroying myself. One drink was never enough even though I thought it would be and after a really bad episode I had been to Castle Craigs for the third time. Two days after I came out I went on another bender, not that I intended to but I came round three days later in France not knowing how I got there. Over the years I had seen numerous counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, NLP people, CBT people and had been in the Royal quite a few times as well as wacky psychics. I found Neil on the internet and thought I might as well give him a try as a final last resort. I was in a new relationship and didn't want it to go the same way as all the others. I had an intuitive feeling about him because his website seemed more 'personal' and spoke to me in some way.
His attitude and way of doing things was nothing like I had met before and I thought I had seen them all. He wasn't the least bit put off by my challenging attitude which was like, everybody else has had a go at fixing me so what are you going to do then?
Here I am, months later, happily settled in my relationship, having the occasional social drink and in control of my life in a way that I had never been before or knew that I was capable of being.
After only a couple of meetings Neil said that he was always there for me if I felt a relapse coming on but I know that I have moved on from being an alcoholic and that provided I keep putting into action everything he taught me which is being quite easy now then his services will no longer be required.
Thanks Neil ....... amazing

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