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Bell phobia


Bell phobiaThis client contacted me as he needed help with a problem which he had that wasn't very helpful for a boxer.

There were the usual pre-fight nerves and anxieties which sometimes interfered with everyday life but nothing too debilitating. He described himself as 'not too bad' pre-fight and also when he climbed into the ring. His problem was that when the bell rang for the first round he seemed to freeze and his mind went blank. All his training just 'went out of the window',  he felt pretty useless, unable to think during the fight, gauge how things were going and develop strategies against his opponents attacks.

Sparring was always ok as there was no bell.

It was the sound of the bell ringing that seemed to be the problem. He came for an introductory session during which I explained what hypnotherapy is and how we could use it to help him through this problem.

He came for a second session a couple of days before his next fight. Through hypnosis and age regression we found the root cause of the bell ringing problem. He thought it was something to do with the ringing of the school bell when he was about ten years old and rows he used to get into with his pals for being late.

During the session he regressed to the age of three years old and described how he was happily sitting playing with his alphabet bricks. Then suddenly a loud bell rang which frightened the life out of him. He had never heard it before and, unknown to him (why should he have known) his father had just fitted a new front door bell and was testing it out. This pattern was then laid down - ringing bells equals panic, and of course the symptoms that go with a panic attack, one being that the mind goes blank.

The childhood reaction of fear caused by the ringing bell was no longer appropriate to adult life but the subconscious mind looks back to ways we have dealt with a problem before and responds accordingly. The fear and panic reaction caused by the ringing bell had never been resolved. Children can't and don't resolve issues, they do not have the emotional or psychological maturity to enable that. They just forget it, bury it and get on with living in now as children do. They then relive it when a trigger event fires it off again. (This is a common cause of phobias.)

By bringing the root cause of the panic reaction into present day awareness his adult mind was able to resolve the fear the child had felt.

A few days later I received the following email:

Client feedback:

Hi Neil

Just writing you an e-mail about how my fight went.Bell phobia

Felt great before the match, really confident with no nerves at all and was buzzing. Went into the ring and still felt relaxed even though all the crowd were for the other boy.

First bell went and i did feel calm and relaxed, through out the fight i knew what was going on and was fully focused on what i had to do. The only thing was on the final round i was tired but nothing like before, the other boy was as tired as me.

Got beat in the end by 1 point by a decent lad but there were plenty positives to take  from the fight. I feel as though my attitude has changed where no negative thoughts coming into my head at all.

I might have lost the fight but i think i have won the battle with myself.

Thanks again. 



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