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Cosmetic & Laser surgery

This is Sarah's story. . . . . . . .

Client feedback:

I used to have a 'cosmetic surgery fund' in which I put spare cash from time to time in the hope that one day I would be able to get my face done. I had no intention of 'growing old gracefully'. Then one day some extra-unexpected funds came my way and I decided to go ahead and have some work done.

I had done lots of homework searching the web for information on plastic surgery for years and knew that the most important thing was to find a good plastic surgeon. My search led me to a Consultant called Mr. Quaba at the Murrayfield  who had been recommended by a friend. The Murrayfield was a BUPA hospital in Edinburgh. I found further information about the hospital and Mr Quaba on the web and made an appointment to go and see him.

After he had examined me he agreed to the procedures of blepharoplasty (removal of excess upper eyelid tissue) and laser treatment to under my eyes and upper lip.

I was quite anxious about what was going to happen but determined to see it through. The idea had been around in my mind for so long that the notion of backing out at the last minute was not really on.

In my anxiety I contacted Neil, whose website I had found when looking for relaxation and stress management. Neil came with me to an appointment with Mr. Quaba who said it was OK for him to be involved and to come with me on the day of surgery.

Neil and I had a couple of appointments beforehand where he showed me how to relax and taught me self-hypnosis. We also did some work on stress management and how to sleep better. I had been having some bad nights, which wasn't helping.

On the day of the operations Neil met me before and we went to the hospital together. Neil had made me a CD to listen to throughout the procedures but Mr. Quaba said it was OK for Neil to be in the operating theatre.

After I had been gowned up and was in the theatre Neil came in and talked me down into hypnosis. I took myself off to a beach in Florida where I had spent a couple of enjoyable holidays and Neil gave me the instruction that whenever Mr. Quaba said something to me I would do what he said. Neil also said that whenever this happened or I felt Mr. Quaba touch my face I would go deeper into hypnosis. I heard Neil's CD playing and the music that by now was quite familiar and floated off without a care in the world.

Mr. Quaba injected me with local anaesthetics and firstly did the surgery to my eyelids and although I was vaguely aware that something was going on it didn't bother me. I was just happy on my beach holiday.

Then he did the laser treatment to my under-eyes and upper lip. Again I wasn't bothered even though the actual experience was different to what I had anticipated.

Then it was all over and I was taken into the recovery room. I heard Neil talking to one of the nurses and then he told me I could wake up now and that it was all over. I gradually opened my eyes and asked if it had been done. The nurse looked on in amazement as Neil assured me that it was all over.

Neil then came onto the ward with me and helped get me settled down where I was hypnotized again which included a routine for the rapid healing of the surgery and the laser treatment. Neil had made me another CD to listen to with these rapid healing suggestions in it. After an overnight in the Murrayfield I went home the next day where I continued to listen to Neil's tape every day.

When I went back to see Mr. Quaba five days later to have the stitches removed from my eyelids, he was most impressed.  He wrote to me a few days later, "I was pleased to see you 5 days after your surgery and laser treatment and I must say I was quite impressed by the post operative healing of all the treated areas." 

The plastic surgery nurse who had removed the stitches told me that most people took three weeks to get to the stage I had achieved in four days. This was music to my ears and I continued to listen to Neil's CD for the next three weeks until I returned to work.

When I went back for checkups and was in the waiting room I could recognize ladies who were there for the same or similar treatment, and I could see the state they were in. I wanted to say to them to go and see Neil, but I never had the nerve.

Thanks to Neil for his caring and positive attitude throughout the whole thing it made the whole experience so much easier than I ever thought that it would be.

When I went back to work all relaxed and happy three weeks later they all said that I must have a good holiday as I looked so much younger - and had I had my hair done???

Link to: Mr A Quaba, Plastic Surgeon, Edinburgh.



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