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Normally people associate bereavement with the death of a loved one but divorce is also a bereavement. The emotional effects of divorce can sometimes be worse than a death. Where there has been a death there is a finality about it and hopefully the bereaved person left behind finds some closure. With divorce, especially when one of the couple is still living in hope of a reconciliation, there can sometimes be no closure and the person involved gets stuck in the bereavement process usually in the depressive and hopeless state. Sometime they get stuck in the 'anger' phase and continually hold a grudge against their old partner and can 'never let it go'. This becomes very destructive as the person is not able to get on with creating a new life for themselves. The more a person has been a part of your life the bigger hole they will leave when they are not there if you are the one that is 'hanging on' to a hopeless situation and won't let it go.

If you have recently been or are going through the process of a divorce then the emotional feelings that you are going through will be similar to any bereavement. It will only be the intensity of the feelings and the time they last that will be different and this will depend on how significant the loss is to you.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D was a psychiatrist and the author of the groundbreaking book "On Death and Dying", published in 1969, in which she described the emotional journey that is or can be experienced. The sequence of the emotional journey she describes is: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. At times, people in grief will often report more stages. Understanding the process that you are going through can help to move you on to a new place of being.

For a full explanation of this process Click here

Hypnotherapy, anxiety and stress management and relaxation techniques can help you deal with these sometimes seemingly unmanageable feelings which can take over your life.


Client feedback:

Thank you Neil for helping me make sense of what seemed a nightmare that I was never going to wake up from. The reasons kept going round and round in my head and wouldn't stop. Why, after all our dreams and plans did he just all of a sudden go off like that. Who was she and what had she got that I couldnt give him. What had I done wrong. You helped me to know I hadnt done anything wrong and that it was about him and what was going on in his head. It wasnt my fault and I hadnt got anything to blame myself about. You helped me to break the cycle and I finally woke up to the fact it had been over for quite a long time but I just wouldnt see it.

I believe in myself again now and my confidence has come back. I am geting on with my life and making positive plans out of all I learned from you. Your just amazing in how you put things in  a way that I could understand Thank you.


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