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Interview nerves

Client feedback:

I began going for promotion over a year ago, with each interview I found that my nerves were becoming worse and worse and by the time I’d had about 8 unsuccessful interviews, within a 6 month period, I was a nervous wreck and my confidence had hit rock bottom.  People with less experience were being given promotions ahead of me, even my seniors were telling me they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the jobs!

I had tried herbal remedies, breathing techniques and had spoken to my GP who said they couldn’t give me anything to settle my nerves and that interview nerves were just something we all had to go through.  I was at the end of my tether.

During my last interview I was on the verge of tears throughout it, I was having palpitations even before I went into the room, I couldn’t even take a glass of water to my mouth without it going everywhere and I couldn’t concentrate properly during the interview.  In the lead up to it, I even ended up off sick with gastritis.  In post-interview feedback, apparently I tend to hold my breath during the interview and my hands always end up round my throat! 

My nerves were getting worse, so I decided to get in touch with Neil and ask him if he could help.  He was immediately very positive and put me at ease, he told me that he could help me in only two sessions.

I was extremely nervous when I arrived, but he immediately made me feel comfortable.  He spent a long time analysing and explaining why my body reacted in the way it did to interview stress and instilled positive thinking in me, even before he began the hypnotherapy.  Under hypnosis he encouraged my positive thinking and a feeling of relaxation that I was able to carry over to my interview day.

On the day of my next interview I was extremely calm and only became slightly nervous prior to entering the room.  I was able to take time during the interview to think calmly about the questions and answer them logically and appropriately, almost enjoying the situation, and the ultimate test  ….. I was able to take a drink of water without a single shake of my hand!

I got the job!  They actually told me I was the best out of all 13 candidates, I couldn’t believe it.  Thank you so much Neil, I couldn’t have done it without your help and I’ll definitely be back before my next interview for a “top-up”, but maybe not for a year or so, I’m still ready for a rest from interviews!


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