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Needle phobia

Client feedback:

I'm forty-something now and have endured migraine attacks since I was about 18, co-incidentally they first started just after I got married. I have had them on and off for all those years, more on than off. They weren't confined to period times and hormones but could strike at any time. Avoiding all the usual trigger factors, cheese, chocolate etc made absolutely no difference at all. I have lived on painkillers for many years , the usual anti-migraine medications from the chemists and doctors, and also from the Migraine Clinic at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

I had seen articles and reports in magazines about how Botox seemed to help with chronic migraine and headaches. Although people were reportedly using Botox for cosmetic reasons, reducing lines and wrinkles the side effect of reduced headaches was being reported.

Through my GP I got an appointment at the Western General to try and get it on the NHS but the doctors there rubbished the idea and said that there was no proven connection (even though much evidence had been coming from the States about it). I had no choice but to go private. Anything was worth the price to get relief from the constant headaches, and get a reasonable quality of life back again.

But I had no idea where to start. Yes, I looked things up on the Internet in Edinburgh and got some names but apprehensive about accidentally chancing on a quack or someone who didn't know what they were doing. Then on day I happened to talk about the problem with my hairdresser (as you do) and she told me that she had had exactly the same problem but had found what she described as an excellent consultant at the BUPA Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh, Mr. Quaba.

I made an appointment with Mr. Quaba to discuss Botox injections for the relief of headaches and migraines but I am badly needle-phobic and the idea of getting loads of injections in my forehand and around my eyes filled me with anxiety and a sick feeling in my stomach. I had seen a TV program one morning where they were talking about hypnotherapy being a way of overcoming phobias and so desperate was I to have this treatment that I looked for a hypnotherapist to help me out.

I found Neil's website amongst a few others and emailed them all. I chose Neil as his email response seemed the most personal and that he had written it to me as a person and not just another client. After I had had a couple of sessions during which Neil taught me how to really relax and be in total control of my fears and emotions and also removed the needle phobia completely, I was ready to have the injections from Mr. Quaba.

When I went to the Murrayfield Hospital for the injections Neil came with me and once I was on the high bed in Mr. Quaba's office Neil put on the relaxation music tape we had been using and talked me down into a deep state of relaxation and hypnosis. He sent me off to my favourite holiday beach in Barbados. A short while later I heard Neil saying, "That's it. All over. You can come back now", or words to that effect.  I opened my eyes and said, "Is Mr. Quaba going to do it now?"
Neil said, "No, it's all over". "Really, I never felt a thing. How many injections were there?". "About 15."

Mr. Quaba said that he was impressed and that it had made his job an awful lot easier as I hadn't flinched or moved at all during the procedure. I left the hospital feeling great, not stressed at all, and a short while later the Botox began to have its effect and the headaches and migraines receded.

I subsequently sent Neil the following note:


Hi Neil 

Having had my first course of Botox injections I am glad to say that they have had a very beneficial affect on my headaches. As you know I did not need them for cosmetic reasons and being needle phobic in the past would never have considered them for that reason.

The sessions that I had with you have been the reason I was able to go ahead with the treatment. My consultant who did the procedure was most impressed and said that he wished all his patients were like me. If only he had known what I would have been like without your help.

Many, many thanks

Patricia Gould



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