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Public speaking - Presentations - Speeches

Client feedback:

Thought i would email you and let you know how i got on! Well, what can i say? Fant-abulously! hehehe. My presentation.... bit of a blurr and kind of came very naturally! I hardly referred to my notes, my speach was slow and calm... and my boss was very impressed!! He even asked if i would manage the education day and for it to be my project! The group had forms to review the study day and some highlighted that my part was very good!! Go me! Felt amazing! Unfortunately you get very little praise for doing well in my line of work but i did for the first time that day. Wonders for my self confidence!


Client feedback:

Two years ago when I started at University I began to experience what I believe can be termed 'panic attacks' in situations where I had to speak and be the focus of other people's attention while speaking.

The situation became so bad that I began to panic when I spoke not only in front of groups of people but also to individuals including my very close friends, in both formal and informal situations.

Basically, any situation in which I had to speak and I felt that I being closely focused on by other people would cause me to panic.

Prior to the onset of these panic attacks, at university, I greatly, greatly enjoyed public speaking.  In fact I would seek out opportunities to speak in public by offering to give lectures and talks and to lead discussion groups.  I felt that public speaking was a great skill of mine and I enjoyed it very much.

After I began to experience panic attacks, however, I gradually began to pull out of projects that would involve me speaking in public and I would even try to avoid any meeting in which I thought that I would asked to speak or present. My panic attacks began to impact hugely on my life.

I went to a psychologist to discuss my panic attacks and although she was very sympathetic I really had the sense that she gave the same speech to anyone who came in with 'panic disorder', regardless of their individual situation.  Although she gave me some very valuable food for thought I did not feel that I had even come close to addressing and overcoming this problem that was slowly taking over my life.

So after two years of having panic in my life every single day I began to investigate hypnotherapy and I contacted Neil.  From our initial session I felt incredibly comfortable and safe with Neil.  His manner was such that I felt that I could discuss my problems very honestly and openly in the knowledge that he was listening intently and carefully. I was immediately impressed, not just with his ability to listen, but with his ability to think and process the information that I gave him.  During our discussions I was struck again and again by how perceptive and astute he was in obtaining a very clear understanding of my problems and the situations surrounding them.  He helped me also to gain a much clearer understanding of the panic attacks and helped me to gain a sense of perspective; something that I was very much lacking.

Neil and I worked together, through our lengthy discussions, to develop strategies to combat the panic attacks and I also did hypnotherapy. I truly feel now that panic attacks are no longer part of my life.  I just don't seem to think about them anymore and I know that I have strategies to deal with them if they do arise again.  Neil helped me to gain perspective, to gain strength and a sense of personal control and to gain a feeling of power and freedom that I haven't felt in a long time.

Neil, thank you.  I have greatly enjoyed the journey that we have been on together and, as I've said to you before, I believe that you're incredibly good at what you do.  It was a privilege and a pleasure to meet you.



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