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Self-esteem - Confidence

Client feedback:

Hello :-)

Neil asked that I do a review so here it is (bad grammar and all). I Hope all is well and I would just like to say thank you. You have changed my life for the better and hope people can read my review and feel inspired.

Self confidence

If your sceptical about hypnosis and feel like your not going to be in control then DON'T. Its the most valuable technique of relaxation and 'self counselling' you will ever learn. Its nothing like you see on TV, you are in control the entire time.I hope my story helps you see the value in the technique and how Neil has helped change my life.

I suffered with depression and stress most of my adult life. I knew this was down to a lack of self confidence and the way in which I thought about situations in my life. I was finally at an all time low and knew I had to do something about it. When your young children start asking why their mummy had the curtains closed at 4 o'clock on a sunny day and why she didn't smile anymore, you know you have to change.

The doctors had put me on another course of anti-depressants and threw a leaflet at me, telling me to decide what I wanted to do about it and call the relevant number. I threw it in the bin, knowing a 8-12 week waiting list was going to do no good. It was then, that my Internet search happened, which led me to Neil.

After the initial call and booking of the first appointment I knew I was making steps but was very anxious and slightly sceptical about the situation, but I needn't of worried. Neil was wonderful and made me feel very relaxed at our initial session. Very welcoming and kind, putting you at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

My first session seemed to fly past and I instantly felt better about myself and the way in which I viewed things. We discussed My issues and found the root of the problem before going into my first hypnosis session. What feels like 10 minutes of hypnosis was actually a whole hour.
After my first session i was looking forward to putting my techniques into practice and getting back to my second session. I already felt more confident and happier at this point.

My second session went even better than expected. Focusing more on self hypnosis and really tackling the root of the problems. Almost 2 hours spent in hypnosis absolutely flew past.

I am a new person, I am confident, happy and loving life. I live in the now and don't dwell in the past anymore. I don't replay situations or over think things, i no longer think negative or doom and gloom. Life is now positive, brighter and full of opportunity. I don't need peoples attention or compliments to feel good about myself anymore, I do it myself!

I cannot thank Neil enough for pointing me in the right direction and would recommend him to anyone who could benefit from his tecniques. He has changed my life.

Client feedback:

There was a point, during my sessions with Neil, where he asked me to explain to him how much I loved myself and I just couldn't answer the question. I remember actively trying to avoid answering it. I told him that I liked myself, that I respected myself and that I thought I was generally an OK type of person. But love myself? No. That was something I saved and gave to other people, not squandered upon myself. The very idea of loving one's self seemed arrogant to me.

Don't get me wrong, I was and still am quite capable of love! I love my girlfriend, I love my kids, and I love my parents.

In fact, I'd originally gone to see Neil because I loved someone very much and she had dumped me to run off with my best mate. Love hurts!

But my issue, if I had to put it in a box, was self-awareness. I lacked the tools to be able to step back and look at myself, my life, my wants and needs and evaluate them with any kind of perspective. I had no mechanism to hold an internal conversation with myself. I had no means of analysing my feelings. I struggled to reconcile my sense of duty to others with my own aspirations. I hated being alone and on my own and I had no way of dealing with the pain and loss I was feeling at the time. 

In fact, if I had to deal with any kind of emotional conflict that couldn't be solved by a purely practical solution, the best way I can describe it is to say that on the inside I felt like a washing machine - just a fluid grey sensation, churning round and round, intangible, without form, with nothing I could "grab hold of" and so no way to start addressing the problem.

Despite those negatives, I have some advantages in life. I'm a very quick learner. Some people think in words and some people think in pictures and some people think in a mixture of the two (perhaps that’s like subtitles?) I think almost exclusively in pictures. As long as I can picture something in my mind, I can pick it apart and understand how it works pretty much intuitively. That's enabled me to have a very successful career, and allowed me to have a lot of fun experiences in life that a lot of people only dream of. I'm definitely someone who does rather than someone who wishes they did mainly because I can learn how to “do” so easily. The inside of my head is like a DVD, and I just jump around watching scenes and accessing the “special features” as required.

Emotion, however, that just seemed formless to me, not something I could understand because it wasn't something I could "see".

Neil's real skill was in recognising this and adapting his approach, his language and his method to one that would suit me. Our sessions became very challenging. Neil used increasingly visual metaphors to describe his ideas and I responded with equally visual retorts. In fact, it didn't feel like therapy at all - it felt more like sparring with a very wise sage who seemed to possess all the secrets of inner peace and contentment who would reveal them to me one golden nugget at a time, every time I solved some bizarre mental puzzle he set me.

Gradually, lights came on and I gained a new perspective. I was able to look at myself and others around me in a different way, and I started to be able to hold a conversation with myself inside my head. I became able to analyse my feelings, and recognise the things that were important to me and understand what made me feel good and what made me feel threatened or hurt. I began to be able to develop ways to express those feelings to others.

Eventually, I turned up at one of our final sessions feeling very excited. I couldn't wait to explain that the night before, as I lay in bed, waiting for sleep to come, it dawned on me that I was hugging myself. I realized that I felt a warmth from knowing who I was, and what I wanted, and knew that not only did I love myself, but that I loved loving myself! And that as long as I had that, everything else in life was going to be alright.

Several years on now, I look back on that period in my life fondly. Though it was painful at the time, I made a lot of discoveries about myself, and have approached so many aspects of my life quite differently since. I have a wonderful partner now with whom I am able to share all my thoughts, feelings and desires and any fears and insecurities. I have a much better relationship with my children, friends and parents.

And I love myself very much.



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